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Korean drama "from the stars" you fire all over Asia, after more than two months after the crazy drama, "stars" fans will usher in the finale in February 27th. The aliens are sensitive Jun the mystery of life and death, and a thousand Song Yi emotional home, many mysteries to be unveiled. For before not able to watch the South Korean TV programs, only domestic video website delayed broadcast China drama fans, in the end what a situation, even wait one more day is suffering, then, a website launched "Sheshan station of Shanghai Observatory invited fans to see" from the stars with you "the finale global network exclusive live" activities, and will do the simultaneous translation, it attracts a large number of fans attention. It is reported, this move is the first. "From the stars you" Ninth set ninth set thousands of Song Yi to Professor dear bastard, so she can only stay at home to take care of the professor, and staged Home Furnishing fashion show second female tyrant. The major brand T table fashion to her there are reduced to the pajamas, protecting liver and stomach modeling Tod's shirt skirt and martial art vitality bag is worth the girls learn. In addition, the goddess bought up, the first time I felt Goyard pocket not ugly.